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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How long has Discount Realty Works been in business? 
A. Discount Realty Works has been in business since 2005 and we have helped hundreds of your friends and neighbors buy and sell homes in Western Wisconsin. Agent Rich Kimble obtained his Broker license, and has procured the assets of the original Discount Realty Works and started Discount Realty Works Chippewa Valley in 2018.

Q. How are you able to offer commissions so much lower than other brokerages? 
A. Because we don't spend a lot of money promoting the company. We don't do mass-market advertising like billboards or big ads in newspapers or monthly home magazines. We maintain a small, basic office with no overhead staff. We keep costs low to pass savings on to clients.

Q. What is "Pay-for-Performance Pricing?"
A. Pay-for-Performance Pricing means that we don't receive any pay unless we sell your property. 

Q. Is the owner a licensed real estate broker?
A. Yes. Being a Wisconsin licensed real estate broker is the only way to list property for sale in the MLS.

Q. How long does it take for my listing to be active?
A. MLS listings are usually activated in the MLS within a day or two of the walk-through.

Q. How long will my listing remain active?
A. Our normal listing term is 6 months.

Q. Who owns the signs?
A. The signs are the property of Discount Realty Works LLC. It is important for us to be able to re-use the yard signs to help keep costs down for all clients!

Q. How long does it take to complete the listing paperwork and walk-through?
A. Usually about 2 hours.

Q. What's the deal with the lockbox?
A. When other agents show your home, they expect it to be vacant. Lockboxes are an efficient and secure means for agents to show your home while you are not home. Without one, you would need to leave the house unlocked or meet the agent before and after the appointment to unlock and lock the house.

Q. How will I be contacted regarding showing appointments?
A. We recommend letting agents show your home through the path of least resistance -- Let agents set appointments online, then let agents enter the home via a key in the lockbox. Agents expect that the home will be unoccupied when they show it to clients.

Q. What is
A. is an online appointment scheduling service that connects to our MLS database. It allows agents to set up appointments online. As a seller, it means you can receive showing request notifications via email,  text message or by phone call. 

Q. Can I get feedback from showings?
A. Yes, feedback from potential buyers will be emailed to you a day or so after the showing.

Q. Do you still offer Limited-Service listings?
A. We don't advertise them anymore. A few bad apples have forced us to make small changes to the basic flat-fee MLS listing package and effectively turn it into a full-service listing. We are mandated by state law to maintain records of transactions. A few sellers have made it exceedingly difficult to obtain those records over the last several years, which creates a liability issue for us. We are still dedicated to helping sellers save money when they sell property, and we still offer tremendous discounts to sellers if they procure their own buyer in a transaction.